Which Is The Most Energy Efficient Portable Air Conditioner?

Which Is The Most Energy Efficient Portable Air Conditioner?

People who want to purchase a portable air conditioner ask us which is the most energy efficient portable air conditioner. Well, we think that LG 14,000 BTU DUAL Inverter Smart Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioner (LP1419IVSM) is a solid answer to your query of which is the most energy efficient portable air conditioner out there.

Most homeowners that don’t have window AC or central air often get portable air conditioners. It is because these units cool a room efficiently, run without making much noise and are easy to move. But if you are not into LG or want to consider other options, you should know that there are other portable air conditioners out there that are super energy efficient.

So, without further ado let’s have a look at some of the best portable ACs out there that will provide a satisfactory answer to your query of which is the most energy efficient portable air conditioner. We’ll start with the one we recommended.

LG (Model) LP1419IVSM

The smart capabilities of this model set it apart from the other portable air conditioners. For instance, it is Alexa-enabled, which means that you can control it easily with just your voice. As this model is supported by the ThinQ app of LG, you can decide when you want the unit to start working and it enables your mobile phone to run as a remote controller.

The DUAL Inverter Compressor™ of this model provides extra cooling while also saving up to 40%, which is highly impressive energy efficiency. The reason behind its high energy efficiency is the use of inverter technology which enables it to run with a variable-speed compressor and regulate temperature by making adjustments to the compressor motor speed.

Another reason why we loved this model is its low noise performance. Due to the use of DUAL Inverter Compressor™ and BLDC Motor, this portable AC runs at sound levels of 44dB. To put it into perspective, it is 40dB in a library. 

Moreover, it works as an impressive dehumidifier on hot days and comes with 1-year parts and labor warranty. Some users may find the unit a bit heavier, which means that taking it downstairs might be a pain. Nevertheless, it is an impressive unit.

Frigidaire (Model FGPC1244T1

This model is loved by the users as it chills the room fast and is quiet in operation. You can’t call it a super powerful portable air conditioner, but one thing that makes it a great pick is its high energy-efficiency ratio (EER). 

And how can we forget about its sleekness. It is tall and slender, which makes it take less space and moving it from one room to the next is super easy. Like LG, it is energy-efficient and has smart-home capabilities. Overall, it is a good pick and worth the investment.

Honeywell (Model HL14CES)

Although this model doesn’t have the latest technology like the LG, it is still a pretty solid portable air conditioner. If we’re being honest here, it is a perfect portable ac for those people who are not much into advanced technology and just want a basic, energy-efficient portable air conditioner.

It comes with a 3-in-1 function of cooling, fan, and dehumidification. It can easily chill rooms up to 700 sq. ft. The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is10.3 BTU/ (W.h) 3.0 W/W, which is impressive and you get a 1-year limited warranty. Overall, it is a basic unit that saves energy consumption and gets the job done.

Honeywell (Model HL12CESWB)

From installation to energy efficiency to the quietest operation, this unit is perfect for small-to-medium rooms. What makes this unit an obvious choice for so many homeowners is its quiet operation at 51 decibels. 

Many people consider it an ideal portable air conditioner for small bedrooms and home offices because it makes very little sound and also due to its portability. It is often recommended because of its powerful air conditioning and high energy efficiency.

Many users have found that this robustly-built portable air conditioner sounds pleasant and we feel that it is perfect for those people who find it difficult to sleep even when their air conditioner is making very little sound. The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): 9.55 BTU/ (W.h) 2.8 W/W and the warranty is one year. Overall, it is a solid portable ac that provides good value for money.

Black+Decker (Model BPACT14HWT)

This model by Black + Decker performed exceptionally well in numerous cooling tests. It won’t be wrong to say that it is a workhorse in the hot months that works impressively during the colder months as well. It is often recommended for smaller rooms. That’s why you can find it in the list of budget portable air conditioners that are cost-effective.

It has a programmable timer and 24-hour timer and sleep mode. It also works as a dehumidifier in the hot and humid summer days. Moreover, its noise level is 56 dB, which is still pretty okay even when you compare it to the LG model LP1419IVSM.

What to Consider When Buying a Portable Air Conditioner

When it comes to choosing an energy-efficient portable air conditioner, you need to look for factors like room size the ac can cover, the technology it is using and other energy-saving features. First of all, you need to make sure that you purchase a portable ac that suits your room. As ACs can range from 5,000 BTU to even 24,000 BTU, it is imperative to choose the right ac according to the size of your room. 

Getting a too big or too small portable AC will affect the energy-efficiency. It is best to look for inverter technology in portable air conditioners as it can adjust power as needed while also running for hours. Portable air conditioners with inverter technology tend to reduce energy consumption. By the way, here is a complete portable air conditioner buying guide you should read as well.

Need Guidance Finding The Most Energy Efficient Portable AC?

We can hope that you got an answer to your query of which is the most energy efficient portable air conditioner. If not, then you can take help from HVAC Freelancer. Here, you can find experts in the field who can help you make a better decision. 

Let us know if you have any other queries related to which is the most energy efficient portable air conditioner out there. We will be happy to help you out.