How To Remove The Front Cover Of GE Air Conditioner?

How To Remove The Front Cover Of GE Air Conditioner?

As General Electric Company (GE) is a reliable name in the industry for its air conditioners, people who buy the AC often have a query of “how to remove the front cover of GE air conditioner.” Well, it is easy to do it and here you will find everything you need to know about how to remove the front cover of GE air conditioner. 

GE is a company that doesn’t really need any introduction. Founded in 1892, the company has made a name for itself with its quality electric appliances. And just so you may know, one of the founders of this company is Thomas Edison (America’s greatest inventor).

Steps to Removing The Front Cover of GE Air Conditioner

So, if you bought a GE air conditioner and are wondering how to remove the front cover of GE air conditioner, here is how you do it. Keep in mind that there are different models of GE and the process of removing the front cover may vary. While the front cover of some models can easily be removed by pressing the sides of the cover to pop it off, it may be different for other models.

Step 1

First of all, turn off the air conditioner before removing the front cover. Now unplug the power cord to avoid any risk of electric shock.

Step 2

In some GE air conditioners, you will have to grasp the lower front corners and pull outwards. By pulling it outwards, you will release the cover clips from its slots.

Step 3

Now slowly lift the cover straight up (not more than two inches) to enable its tops tabs to clear the upper frame gutter.

Step 4

Once you do it, simply set aside the top cover and move to the filter part.

Step 5

Gently remove the filter and clean it. You can wash the filter with warm water or use mild dish detergent. If you notice that there is a bad smell coming out of the filter, use a little bit of baking soda in water and use it to wash the filter.

Now that you know how to remove the front cover of GE air conditioner, let’s have a look at how you should increase the efficiency of your GE air conditioner by properly cleaning it.

How To Properly Clean Your GE Air Conditioner

One of the best ways to enhance the efficiency of your GE air conditioner is to clean it once every 30 days (even GE recommends that you should clean the air conditioner once a month). As air conditioners suck in the air present in the room and pass it through cooling coils, it can collect dust and debris over time which starts to accumulate on the interior grill and filter. 

Instead of calling in a professional to clean the AC, here is how you can clean your GE air conditioner yourself. However, we recommend that you should only let a professional properly inspect the unit by opening it. 

  • First and foremost, you need to turn off the GE air conditioner and unplug it. 
  • Start by pulling off the air intake grill. Get hold of the air filter and pull it out. you can find the air filter positioned in front of the evaporator      
  • You can either clean the air filter by using slightly warm water and mild detergent. Use 1 gallon of water and 1 tablespoon of mild detergent to create a soap solution and soak the filter in the water for at least ten minutes. If you don’t want to wash it, then you can also vacuum it by using a vacuum brush.
  • Put the air filter somewhere to dry while you start to clean the grill and cabinet. You can also use a vacuum to clean the front and back of the interior grill. Alternatively, make the same soap solution and dip a soft cloth in it. Clean the front and back of the grill but make sure not to clean any of the internal parts.

Now that you know GE recommends cleaning the air filter once every 30 days, are you wondering what would happen if you don’t clean or change the air conditioner filter? Although an air filter won’t cost a lot, it plays a really important role in the functioning of an air conditioner. Not taking care of an air filter for just a month could really affect the performance of your AC.

It is important to understand that an air filter is not designed to catch the dirt and debris in the air forever. Eventually, the filter will get filled up with a lot of dirt and dust. Some paper filters can be replaced and plastic filters tend to work fine for quite some time. 

But if you don’t clean or change the filter then it will lead to dust accumulation in the AC. The buildup of dust will start to hinder the performance of the AC. As a result, the air conditioner will have to consume more energy to deliver the required results. 

Within a month or two, you will also start to notice a significant decline in the performance of your AC. And you will have to pay a high electric bill only because you forgot to clean the filter and the AC started to consume a lot of energy. Needless to say, cleaning filters not only enhances the performance of the AC but also saves energy cost.

Get Installation and Repairing Service of GE Air Conditioner

We can hope that you got an answer to your query on how to remove the front cover of GE air conditioner. If you bought a new GE air conditioner and want to have it installed or looking for a dependable and economical repair service, then HVAC Freelancer is the right place for you. 

Please let us know if you have any other queries related to GE air conditioners. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Take care and have a great day.