How Can I Find A Good HVAC Service Technician For My Company?

How Can I Find A Good HVAC Service Technician For My Company?

How Can I Find A Good HVAC Service Technician For My Company? 

When you are in the HVAC service business, one of the common pain-points in managing your service business is none other than recruiting better HVAC service techs. If you are finding it challenging to search and recruit competent HVAC service technicians for your company, you’ve come to the right place. 

According to estimates, the employment of HVACR installers and technicians is expected to grow by about 15% by 2026. As compared to other occupations, this increase in employment is much faster and stable. Moreover, the HVAC Workforce Development Foundation has predicted that the country will need an estimate of 110,000+ HVACR technicians by 2022. But did you know that there are not enough professional HVAC technicians to replace those who are retiring? In fact, this is the case with 80% of construction companies in the US that can’t find qualified workers. Why is this information relevant to the topic? Well, it indicates that there is a growing demand for good HVAC service technicians and installers. But, it also highlights the importance of how you need to be smart in finding and recruiting HVAC service technicians. 

So, let’s find out how you can beat your competition and find a capable, professional, and reliable HVAC service technician for your company. Before we provide an answer to your query of “how can I find a good HVAC service technician for my company” or “HVAC service reviews,” it is important to understand some critical points to recruiting HVAC service technicians. 

Know What Level of HVAC Service Technician You Want

This is an essential point which many companies seem to ignore. For instance, a company hires an inexperienced technician because they want to save money and then have to deal with a lack of communication and technical skills, non-professional behavior, and compatibility issues. Some companies prefer hiring experienced technicians. However, both have their pros and cons. Therefore, you need to have an idea on what level of technician you want to hire.

If you go with a trainee, it may take a year or even two to train them because it takes time to learn the trade. Their salary is less than experienced HVAC service technicians and they don’t have any bad trade habits. On the other hand, hiring an experienced technician requires almost no training time as they are already familiar with the trade. You can go with trainees or experienced technicians, depending on what you want. We will recommend you to hire more trainees and groom them the way you want.

Go With Effective Job Advertisement

Before writing a job description, it is essential that you keep only HVAC service technicians in mind. You want to make the ad brisk and compelling, while also ensuring that it entices and convinces the job seeker to apply. Many companies make the mistake of writing their job ads in a way that it looks like they made a list of their demands, which can be intimidating for the job seeker. Your primary goal should be to convince an HVAC service technician to apply for the job. Do remember these key points before writing your job description: 

  • Make sure you limit your requirements, the less the better      
  • It would be best if you write it as briefly as possible. Make it clear and to the point   
  • Don’t forget to mention the benefits of working in your company     
  • Try to give an impression of how good your company culture is and what it will be like working in your company 
  • The content of the job ad should be engaging so that they can contact you about the job and include core elements such as skills, qualifications, and experience.

Give Importance To Skills

Although it is important that the HVAC service technician you hire needs to have the right attitude for the job, you have to look beyond their personality. For instance, you need to give a lot of importance to their technical knowledge and skills. In fact, many hiring experts point out that there is nothing wrong with prioritizing skills over experience. Even if the candidate is not experienced, their soft skills can help them go a long way.

It is Best Not To Find Only Experienced HVAC Service Technicians

If you want to find a good HVAC service technician, you’d have to stop looking only for experience. It is because finding an experienced HVAC service technician is becoming more and more difficult, even if you give them sign-on bonuses. Why is that? Well, companies out there understand the significance of experienced employees and those days are gone when they used to lay off employees without any hesitation. Given that HVAC technicians are high in demand, companies are not letting their valuable assets go so easily. That’s why many companies have no other option but to hire fresh technicians and train them. But that doesn’t mean there are no experienced HVAC service technicians out there. For instance, some of them are into HVAC freelancing because of the freedom and better-earning opportunities. 

Although experience is valuable in the field of HVAC, it does come with a few ‘ifs’ like different routines and bad habits. If you have a desire to see your business prosper and reach new heights in the next 5-10 years, it is best to hire HVAC service technicians with no experience and then train them. You can help instill new skills and qualities in them. It could be time consuming to some extent, but we say one thing for sure that it can be more beneficial for your company.

Attract Experienced HVAC Technicians By Offering Benefits and Competitive Compensation

If you don’t want to hire inexperienced HVAC technicians, you can always go after the experienced ones. Just like your company, there are many other HVAC companies out there. You can attract experienced HVAC technicians by offering competitive compensation and other benefits. You have to comprehend that you may not be able to attract them by just offering good money. You can offer health insurance, life insurance and other benefits that can convince them to join your company. If you want to hire the best, you need to give them respect and a few perks to change their mind.

Qualities of a Good HVAC Service Technician

As most companies look for qualification, certifications, and experience in a candidate, they often seem to neglect the importance of a few qualities such as communication, professionalism, patience, troubleshooting skills, and time-management skills.  What we believe is that communication skill is extremely important for any HVAC service technician because they have to work directly with customers. The way they treat the customers actually plays a pivotal role in gaining their confidence and satisfying them. So, do make sure you look for these qualities in an HVAC service technician before hiring them.

Where To Find A Good HVAC Service Technician For Your Company

To find an experienced HVAC service technician, you can place job ads (which we explained earlier in this article). There are other two traditional ways to find skilled HVAC technicians as well: 

Straight From HVAC Schools

As there is a shortage of skilled HVAC technicians, you can hire new technicians from HVAC schools. There are many benefits of hiring them as they are more eager to learn. They are also cheaper compared to experienced HVAC technicians. The only downside of hiring them is that it may take months or a couple of years to train them.

Use Your Connections

Even if your company is new, you may have a few connections. You need to contact local contractors and trade professionals to spread the word for you. On the other hand, you can contact the local union. It can be an effective method to find HVAC technicians because many trade professionals normally vouch for other technicians without any hesitation.

HVAC Freelancer

Now that we have suggested several options to find a good HVAC service technician for your company, you can also consider HVAC Freelancer as well. 

HVAC Freelancer is a digital marketplace where you can find highly qualified and experienced HVAC freelancers. Here, you can find top HVAC technicians, HVAC companies, homeowners, and contractors. In simpler words, you can find a solution to all your HVAC needs in this marketplace, which has quickly become the leading online HVAC platform in the country. 

If you want to hire an HVAC service technician, why go through all the trouble when you can easily post your job for free on HVAC Freelancer. Once you sign up on our marketplace, all you need to do is post your job and wait for a few minutes to get matched to highly skilled and experienced HVAC technicians. You will get qualified proposals within 24 hours. Then, you can simply compare bids and choose the right HVAC technician. Using HVAC Freelancer is like a walk in the park. 

We hope that we have cleared everything related to your query of “how can I find a good HVAC service technician for my company” or “HVAC service reviews.”  You can contact us for your future queries anytime.