Do You Need A Permit For HVAC Work?

Do You Need A Permit For HVAC Work?

As ensuring that everything that is being done to a home is up to code, many people have a query that do you need a permit for HVAC work. A short answer to the query of whether you need a permit for HVAC work is: Yes, you need it because it is the law. 

There’s no denying the fact that many HVAC systems are installed improperly in the US and although some of them don’t pose a huge threat, some of them have turned out to be downright deadly. That’s why each city or town in the country has its own permit laws and guidelines when it comes to installing or repairing HVAC systems.

Moreover, it is mandatory for every licensed HVAC contractor in California to get a permit when replacing an HVAC system. In case your contractor does HVAC work without a permit and gets caught, not only that he can lose his HVAC license but you can also be held liable with him. And if you don’t comply with the demands of the city, get ready for a potential lawsuit as well.

So Why Exactly Do You Need A Permit For HVAC Work?

HVAC installation or replacement projects are common in residential and commercial buildings. Given the fact that a new HVAC system installation requires a lot of planning and knowledge, a permit is necessary for HVAC installations. That is why it is extremely important that you hire a licensed HVAC contractor for an HVAC work as they must acquire all permits before working on the project.

Take an example of Florida Statute Chapter 489 that requires licensed HVAC contractors to install, replace or remove any AC system only after acquiring a building permit. It means that all HVAC contractors must acquire a permit for installing an AC and heating system or removing a part of the wall to install an AC wall unit.

The role of a permit is to comply with the local government and it is usually required when it comes to passing a home inspection. For instance, In Florida, it is the responsibility of a homeowner and the HVAC contractor to acquire a permit. 

In case if any of the two parties do HVAC work without a permit that the contractor can lose their trade license and there can be a fine imposed by the city or local government for noncompliance. In some cases, the homeowner can be asked to redo or remove the HVAC work. As a homeowner, you should know that it is your responsibility to get an AC permit.

Why Permits Are Important?

State and local municipalities issue building permits on an as-needed basis. In other words, the permits are issued by the state, city, or township that is responsible for ensuring that every building in the municipality is up to code. You can say that a permit is like a protective measure to make sure that every building is compliant with the best practices of construction and safety. 

The permit is there to ensure the building is safe for the inhabitants. As resources are spent in the process of evaluating permit application, issuing permits and making sure that there is ongoing compliance, there are permit charges that need to be paid.

The Cost of HVAC Permit

All the permits cost for the installation of an HVAC system are included in the overall fees that you pay to a contractor for the entire work. It means that the contractor will have to pay the permit cost to the state or city authorities before including it in the overall cost for the work done. 

It is the responsibility of a contractor to obtain a permit and that’s why it is extremely important to hire only a licensed and well-reputed HVAC contractor. You can check HVAC Freelancer if you want to hire a reliable HVAC contractor in your area. 

The key to obtaining a permit is to hire a licensed, reputable contractor for the HVAC installation work. It is because they have all the knowledge of the municipality in which you live and they will take care of all the necessary permit work. 

Ultimately, a homeowner is responsible for the required permit, so the municipality will contact you if they find out that you didn’t acquire the needed permit.  Many HVAC contractors take permits on behalf of their customers since they are very much familiar with the process of acquiring a permit.

When it comes to the overall cost of acquiring an HVAC installation permit, keep in mind that it can range anywhere from $850 to $1,600. It is because the cost varies from city to city. In general, smaller towns or rural areas usually charge less for the building permit and the cost goes a bit higher if you go to more urbanized areas.

Work With A Local HVAC Contractor That Files Permit

A general contractor may be licensed or even familiar with the building codes in the area you live, but it is best to hire a local HVAC contractor as they have all the expertise and know-how of acquiring a permit for HVAC work. With a local HVAC contractor, you won’t have to worry about the permit.

Therefore, it is best to contact a local HVAC contractor. If you are having any issue in finding the more reliable, professional HVAC contractor in your area, you can always use the HVAC Freelancer platform where you get connected to top-quality HVAC technicians, companies, and contractors within minutes. 

When you use the HVAC Freelancer platform, all you have to do is post your job and within minutes you will start receiving bids from HVAC contractors in your area. You can choose the one that meets your budget and requirements. 

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