Can You Drink Water From A Dehumidifier?

Can You Drink Water From A Dehumidifier?

As most people try their best not to waste things available to them, they often have a query that can you drink water from a dehumidifier. The standard answer to the query “can you drink water from a dehumidifier” is pretty obvious: No, you cannot. 

Dehumidifiers are found almost in every home and business as they are super effective in not only reducing the levels of humidity in indoor places but also helping with allergies and reducing energy costs.  As they remove excess moisture in the air, they tend to store water in their tanks. 

As the stored water appears to be clean, it is understandable that some people want to know if you can drink water from a dehumidifier. There is a possibility to drink the water depending on how long the collected water has been in the tank and how clean the tank is, but there are a lot of reasons why it is not recommended to drink water from a dehumidifier.

Is It Safe to Drink Dehumidifier Water?

Given that there are several possibilities of the presence of contamination components in the water collected by a dehumidifier, there’s no possible way to even consider that the water is safe to drink. 

After all, there can be the presence of dust mites, dust particles, dead skin cells, or other contaminants in the water that make it unsafe for consumption. As a dehumidifier prevents the growth of mold, there is a high possibility that the collected water may have mold in it. So, drinking it can have a hazardous result.  

Even if you discard the possibility of all the other contaminants that we just mentioned above, it is almost certain that the collected water will have chemicals and particles in it. For instance, there are heavy metals in the water of a dehumidifier that can severely affect the human body. There can be metals like aluminum, copper, and even lead in the water. 

Another point to consider is that the water of a dehumidifier is actually untreated standing water, which means that it can start to grow bacteria in the water. Moreover, there is a risk of legionnaire disease as well.

Needless to say, drinking water from a dehumidifier is not safe at all.  Before discarding the water, you should know that there are other ways to use the water without putting your life in danger. For instance, you can use it for your garden but do keep in mind that it is best not to use it on plants that you plan on consuming in the future. You can also use the water of a dehumidifier in the toilet.

Is The Water of a Dehumidifier Distilled?

Not at all! It is because distillation involves boiling water into steam and then condensing it back to liquid in a separate container whereas the impurities in the original water stay behind in the container. In the distillation process, there is the condensation of steam to make sure that the water is clean. Distilled water doesn’t contain heavy metal particles, mold, microbes, or other contaminants.

Understandably, distilled water is clean for human consumption. But that is not the case with dehumidification. It is because a dehumidifier does not eliminate impurities in the water like the distillation process. A dehumidifier collects water through one of two processes: absorption or refrigeration. And none of these methods make the collected water safe for human consumption.  

Some people have misguided others by saying that water in a dehumidifier comes from condensation and that’s why it is safe to drink. But it is not true because there is no distillation process present in the dehumidifier to eliminate harmful bacteria and other impurities already present in the water.

How Can You Make Water From a Dehumidifier Drinkable?

Making the water of a dehumidifier drinkable depends on how much it is contaminated. If you are certain that the air in the house is 100% safe, then boiling the collected water can do the job. But given that you don’t really know what types of impurities and contaminants are present in the water, it is best to stay on the safe side and not drink it at all.

Can Your Pets Drink Water From a Dehumidifier?

As the water from a dehumidifier is not safe for human consumption, it is not recommended to even give it to your pets. The collected water may contain airborne pollutants and other chemicals, which makes it unsafe for your pets as well. However, you can water plants with it.

Understanding How A Dehumidifier Works?

Having a dehumidifier is an effective way to regulate the humidity levels in the place as it can remove excess moisture from the air and ensure that there is an inhospitable living condition for mold, dust mites, and other allergenic organisms. 

If we take an example of a dehumidifier that extracts moisture by using the refrigeration process, you will notice that it is quite similar to noticing moisture on the outer layer of a chilled soda can (by the way, that’s condensation). 

So, a dehumidifier works by drawing in the air and passing it over the cooling coils. As the air cools down, the moisture present inside it starts to condense. The condensed water then falls into a removable tank or the drip pan. A dehumidifier keeps on extracting moisture from the air until it achieves a required humidity level.

The Bottom Line: Don’t Drink Water From a Dehumidifier

We can hope that you got a satisfactory answer to your query of can you drink water from a dehumidifier. Keep in mind that the water in a dehumidifier tank may seem perfectly okay for drinking, but it most definitely contains bacteria, mold, dead skin cells, dust mites, and other impurities. So, don’t drink it even if someone dares you. 

If you have any other queries related to “can you drink water from a dehumidifier” or anything related to it, please contact HVAC Freelancer for expert guidance. Have a great day and take care.